Decent Finance Life is a private blog where I share my takes on personal finance, investing, stocks, and many more to try to inform the readers (aka you) about personal finance and what actually matters when it comes to personal finances.

I also give recommendations of podcasts, readings (I also review them) and give you tips and tricks on starting your personal finance journey.

Who Am I?

I am originally a sales guy, not a banker or an investment analyst. A simple guy but also successful in his personal finance journey. Made a lot of money, and now living my life, trying to teach people the same thing because 95% of people just spend money without a plan and not think about their future. Don’t be like them, be like the 5%.

I am here to provide sightful information on investing, stocks, saving, financial freedom, and other important things that allow you to gain your financial freedom in the future for you and for your family. There are variety of topics that I am talking about from physchology to financial wellness because I believe finance is not just money, it’s everything around us.

Where Else Do You Publish Content?

Even though this blog is my main place to publish content, I also have a Twitter account where I share my takes on day-to-day things and give you small tips and tricks to get your life in better shape.

Make sure to make a follow on Twitter to see everything right away.

Where Can I Reach You?

Feel free to drop a DM on Twitter or alternatively, you can send an email to contact@decentfinancelife.com and say hi.

This could be a feedback about my blog, an error on one of my posts, or anything else you want to talk about. You can start reading here.

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